"Open yourself, create free space; release the bound one from his bonds! Like a newborn child, freed from the womb, be free to move on every path!" - Atharva Veda 6.121.4

















Hinduism focus at Salzburg Festival 2015


Hinduism will form part of the world renowned Salzburg Festival of Austria this year for the first time in its 95 years history.

Hindus have highest retention rate in USA


Hindus have the highest retention rate as compared to any other major religious group in USA, per an analysis posted by Pew Research Center (PRC), "a nonpartisan fact tank" headquartered in Washington DC, on June 24.

Yoga classes banned in central Russian city to check spread of "religious occultism" DNA


At the center of the crackdown are two studios holding classes for Hatha Yoga - a set of asanas or postures involving deep breathing and tough physical exercises, which as per Hindu mythology was first practiced by Lord Shiva.

Russia targets yoga sessions as "cult" NEWSWEEK EUROPE


Russian officials have banned yoga in the central city of Nizhnevartovsk in an effort to counteract "occult practices". At least two studios - the Aura and Ingara, where Hatha yoga is practiced - have reportedly received letters from Nizhnevartovsk officials, according to The Moscow Times.

Central Russian Officials Crack Down on Yoga in Bid to Stifle Spread of Occultism MOSCOW TIMES


Officials in the central Russian city of Nizhnevartovsk have moved to prevent municipal buildings from hosting yoga classes in a stated bid to stifle the spread of religious cults, the Kommersant business daily reported. Representatives of at least two of the city"s Hatha yoga studios Ч the Aura and Ingara Ч have received letters outlining Nizhnevartovsk officials" plans to halt yoga classes in city facilities. Both schools rent out space at a stadium and public meeting hall called Samotlor.

Russia cracks down on yoga classes to check occultism PTI


LONDON (PTI): Close on the heels of India leading worldwide International Yoga Day celebrations, Yoga classes have been banned in a central Russian city by the authorities to check spread of "religious occultism". At the centre of the crackdown are two studios holding classes for Hatha Yoga - a set of asanas or postures involving deep breathing and tough physical exercises, which as per Hindu mythology was first practised by Lord Shiva.

Focus on India-Russia-Iran transport corridor via Central Asia


The INSTC agreement was signed more than a decade ago for better connectivity to the Eurasian region through Iran. The INSTC members met earlier this month and reviewed the status of report on the dry run between India, Iran and Russia via the Caspian Sea, while a follow-up meeting has been slated for July.

Seven more airports in India to be declared entry points for e-visa


New Delhi: Seven more airports, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi"s constituency Varanasi and Ahmedabad in his home state, will soon be declared as entry points along with the existing nine where citizens from eligible countries can land with an e-tourist visa.

India To Partner Nigeria To Dev Nollywood


The Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Amb. Ajjampur Ghanashyam, said yesterday in Abuja that India was ready to partner Nigeria to develop its film industry. Ghanashyam, who said this while featuring on the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) forum, added that Nigeria"s film industry had the potential to contribute more to the nation?s economy.

India-Russia-Iran Transport Corridor Back in Focus


Ahead of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi"s five-Central Asian republic tour next month, the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) agreement has come back under focus. The agreement on the transport corridor was inked more than ten years ago with the aim of establishing better connections to the Eurasian region through Iran, the Business Standard reports.

Russian timber exporters fume at Indian fumigation rules


Moscow, June 9 (IANS) With investors" mood turning positive after the Narendra Modi government came to power, Russian businessmen expect India"s archaic business rules to change in line with the global ones. The business community also favoured the use of Astrakhan route for shipping products and to cut the transit time in a major way, V. Rajagopalan, general secretary of Indian Business Alliance, told a visiting IANS correspondent.

Agatti and Minicoy Islands to allow entry, exit from India


New Delhi: Agatti and Minicoy, two small islands of Lakshadweep, have been designated as authorised transit point for entering and exiting India by the Home Ministry. Agatti has an area of 3.84 square kms, whereas Minicoy is spread over 4.80 sq kms.

India"s soft power? Cultural nationalism? Or Hindutva push? The many views on Yoga Day


External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has said the United Nation"s decision to commemorate the International Day of Yoga underlines an appreciation for India and its growing soft power. The way the event was celebrated around the globe showed "the world had made the first International Day of Yoga its own", Swaraj said at the Hindu Temple Society of North America on Sunday.

35,985 participants, 84 nationalities: Yoga Day event at Rajpath sets 2 Guinness records


New Delhi: India on Sunday set two new Guinness World Records for Yoga with 35,985 participants performing asanas at one venue and as many as 84 nationalities joining in the official observation of International Yoga Day on Rajpath in New Delhi. "It is a matter of pride for India that we have broken two records on one day. First, 35,985 participants performed asanas at a single venue (Rajpath) and 84 nationalities participated in the event," said Minister of AYUSH, Shripad Naik.

PM Modi refuses selfies on Yoga Day


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who often obliges people with a selfie, on Sunday refused one to a volunteer while participating in the yoga day event at Rajpath. Soon after addressing the gathering, Modi climbed down from the podium to join over 35,000 participants to perform asanas.

How Modi is elbowing Sonia, Rahul, Congress from India"s cultural memes


There is a famous Zen koan: "Why did Bodhidharma go East?" In the manner of Zen koans - a koan is a kind of paradoxical statement or question that enables a new insight - there is no (correct) answer, but you are expected to meditate on it to see the insights behind the obvious, superficial facts. The facts are that, indeed, a monk named Bodhidharma (some say a Pallava prince from Kanchipuram, who he trained in Kalari Payat, and who had embarked from Kodungalloor/Muziris, circa 400 CE) did go East, and taught Han monks at Shaolin in China unarmed combat (whence kung-fu).

India"s plans for Yoga Day taking a stressful turn


Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the Victorian-era headquarters of one of India"s largest rail networks through which more than 600,000 passengers travel every day, is not known as a place of calm. But in a chandeliered, colonnaded executive dining hall, a few dozen railway employees have been attending voluntary yoga classes every afternoon as part of a government-sponsored campaign to promote the ancient Indian discipline nationwide.

Apps for Meditating: Tech Minute


Meditation not only reduces stress and anxiety, it can change your brain in as little as 8 weeks. A Harvard neuroscientist found that daily meditation can help you focus, make better decisions and sleep better. In this Tech Minute, CNET"s Sharon Profis has three apps to help you get in the right frame of mind.

Anthony Howe"s Otherworldly Kinetic Sculptures


Anthony Howe"s massive kinetic wind sculptures resemble alien creatures. Step inside Howe"s studio to learn how the awe-inspiring works are created, what makes a good wind sculpture and why Howe believes it"s important for his work to emulate human feeling.

India ties itself in knots over International Yoga Day by Tiffany Ap, for CNN


Hong Kong (CNN) The Sanskrit word "yoga" may mean union but, for some in India, yoga has never been more divisive.

International Yoga Day 21 June 2015
International Yoga Day 21 June 2015





















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