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VEDANTA MASS MEDIATata unveils Rs 1 lakh `Nano`, says promise fulfilled  





Tata unveils Rs 1 lakh `Nano`, says promise fulfilled

     New Delhi, Jan 10: Finally Ratan Tatas dream, a small car for the teeming millions, has been unveiled. And for the world`s cheapest car - christened the Nano - it was one luxury arrival. It condensed years of anticipation into one moment of mayhem as thousands of bulbs flashed and amidst thundering music, Ratan drove into what is certain to revolutionise the Indian automobile sector.


     An emotional Ratan Tata drove the car to the podium and said, This is what I have for you. A promise is a promise, it will cost Rs 1 lakh ex-showroom.


     More than 1,000 people - journalists, VIPS and industrialists - packed an auditorium on Thursday as Tata Motors Ltd unveiled its long-awaited "People`s Car" in a media circus more worthy of a pop concert or an Oscar ceremony. For those wanting to feel India`s economic self-confidence as it takes on the world, all they had to do was to experience the blaring music from "2001: A Space Odyssey" and the flashes of scores of cameras as the Tata Nano was driven out.


     "I haven`t seen this many cameras in my six years in South Asia," said one veteran journalist. "You couldn`t even buy advertising like this."


     Ahead of the launch, major news channels devoted several minutes of airtime to live footage of a dark and empty stage where the car, a hatchback that is priced at about half the cost of the current cheapest car, would be unveiled.



     Tata allays all fears



     Its a car not just for the urban Indians; most of the people dont understand that we are a country of billion people. Most of them live in rural India and they too want a safe mode of transport, said Tata.

The Nano comes in three variants, a basic and two deluxe. The basic will not have an AC or power steering. The higher versions will have the AC option. On-road price for the base model will include VAT, transportation cost and will work out to around Rs 1, 20000 ex-Delhi.


     The car will be available in three colors Red, Yellow and Silver. In terms of space the Nano has 21 % more space internally than Maruti 800 and is just 8 % smaller bumper-to-bumper.


     Commenting on the concerns about the environmental problems the car might cause Tata said, Nano adheres to Euro 4 as well as Bharat 3 norms. Now at least Dr Pachauri and Sunita Narain wont have sleepless night.


     He further said that the Nano will cause lesser pollution than a two wheeler. Euro 4 is not even mandatory in India but has been adhered to, so as to make it forward looking.


     With regards to safety features of the car, Tata said, The car has passed the full frontal and the side crash tests. There should be no worries about the safety of the family.


     Keeping up with the overall theme of it being a Peoples Car, the Nano will have a fuel efficiency of more than 20 kmpl. The engine of this beauty has a cubic capacity of 624 and power of 33 bhp. Moreover, Nano has a rear mounted engine.


     With regards to the name Nano Tata said, People suggested names like Mamta, Buddhu Car and several other such names. But we chose to name it Nano, because it connotes high technology and small size.

Tata Motors plans to annually produce around 2.5 to 3.5 lakh cars from the Singur plant in West Bengal. Bookings for the car will start in June and is expected to be on road from September.



     People call it cute



     As Tata reeled off the car`s specifications and compared it to innovations such as the first man on the moon, people in the crowd, including many Indian journalists, clapped and cheered.


     A hologram appeared of a husband, his wife and kid balanced unsafely on a scooter - a common sight in India. It faded to make way for an image of the Nano hovering above the stage.


     Then came the rush as hundreds of journalists pressed around the car. A ring of Tata guards surrounded the Nano, begging cameramen not to scratch its new paint.


Then came the public.


     "It looks kind of cute," said Urvashi Sitani, a businesswoman who took pictures with her mobile phone. "I`d guess it proves popular with the younger crowd. But it`s a girlish car. I can`t imagine a man would be seen in a car like this."


     Thousands of people pressed around the car.


     "It seems like a real car. The windows actually wind down," said a smiling Gilles Levassor, who works for French carmaker Renault.



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