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VEDANTA MASS MEDIASingh`s visit to have "significant" impact on ties: China  





               Singh`s visit to have "significant" impact on ties: China

     Beijing, Jan 15: China today hailed the visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, saying it would have a "long-term and significant" impact on the bilateral relations.


     The time is not long (period of visit), but the content is rich," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told reporters after Singh concluded his maiden three-day trip here with a meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao.


     The 'Shared Vision for 21st Century', a joint document signed by the two countries, "is a message to the outside world that the two sides will intensify their cooperation to build a harmonious world," he said.


     Describing the documents and MoUs signed during Singh's visit for cooperation in different fields as a "milestone," he said "it is a signal of the big step forward in the history of bilateral relations."


     "This visit is going to have a long-term and significant impact on the bilateral relations which will be very important for future development of bilateral ties," Qin said.


     Asked if China was willing to support a larger role for India in the UN Security Council, he said, "I think this is quite clear in the document (on shared vision). India is a major developing country. China understands and supports the aspirations of India to play a larger role in international organisations, including UN."


     "I think it is quite clear. You can find the answer in the document, if you study it carefully enough," he told the questioner, and also added that, in recent years, "there are similar versions in documents or agreements of the two countries."


     On the border issue, Qin said both sides believe that they should proceed from the perspective of overall interests of the two countries to find "an equitable and fair solution" acceptable to them.


     Both countries also agree that before settling the boundary issue, they should maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas and "not to let the border issue to be an obstacle to the development of bilateral ties."


     Qin said Singh's visit and talks here were a "reflection of the political will" of both sides to "press ahead" with their bilateral ties. India and China view their ties from a strategic and long term perspective.


     Asked if Pakistan, considered a close ally of Beijing, should be worried over the growing friendship between China and India, the Chinese spokesman said all the three countries were important and friendly neighbours and "they are also partners in cooperation."


     "China is willing to see improvement of relations between India and Pakistan and China will be happy to see stability and peace in South Asia," Qin said, adding Beijing would maintain friendly relations with both India and Pakistan.


     China and Pakistan have "all weather friendship" and "we hope traditional friendship and cooperation can develop and be intensified constantly. Countries in the region should join hands to be devoted to peace and development of the region. This is the common aspiration of people in the region," he said.





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