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VEDANTA MASS MEDIAIndia, France take N-step forward



             India, France take N-step forward

                Rajeev Sharma

                Tribune News Service



             New Delhi, January 25


     India and France today took a significant step forward in bolstering their strategic partnership when they announced finalising negotiations for reaching a bilateral agreement for civil nuclear cooperation and taking their defence cooperation beyond a buyer-seller relationship.


     Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced the finalisation of negotiations regarding the Indo-French civil nuclear cooperation agreement at a joint press conference with visiting French President Nicolas Sarkozy after their intensive talks at Hyderabad House. The Prime Minister said the two sides also decided to bolster their defence cooperation and take it beyond a buyer-seller relationship.


     For his part, Sarkozy came up with an announcement that was music to the Indian government. He said France would advocate Indias case for acquiring civil nuclear energy with other European countries and at the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) in view of New Delhis commendable non-proliferation track record.


     The French side, however, minced no words in telling the Indian government at talks today that the Indo-French nuclear agreement could not materialise till the Indo-US nuclear deal passed muster at the IAEA and the NSG and the international rules for nuclear commerce were changed in Indias favour.


     The Prime Minister said Indias negotiations with the IAEA were moving forward and hoped that these would be concluded without loss of further time. The Prime Minister said: International discussions do take time The discussions are moving forward. It is my sincere hope that discussions can be concluded without loss of further time.


     The Prime Ministers comments assume significance as the Indian team is tipped to leave for Vienna next week for technical negotiations with the Agency for the fifth round, expected to be the final round of negotiations.


     A joint statement issued at the end of Sarkozys talks with Manmohan Singh said: France and India have decided to give a new impetus to their cooperation for the development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes as an expression of their strategic partnership.


     An agreement was signed today in the field of nuclear research, which is a key for preparing for the future. It relates to the participation of the Indian Department of Atomic Energy in the research project, the Jules Horowitz Reactor, which will be built by the Commissariat a lenergie atomique (French Atomic Energy Commission) at Cadarache, France.


     An MoU that establishes cooperation between the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research on the one hand, and the Grand Accelerateur National dIons Lourds (GANIL), on the other hand, on the use of Spiral 2 high intensity beam production system at Caen, France will be signed in Mumbai.


     India and France also agreed to intensify exchanges between the scientists of both countries in the nuclear field, establish structures for training and undertake nuclear safety research. At the industrial and commercial levels, France and India agreed to work towards raising the level of bilateral cooperation guided by their deep mutual trust and the high technological capabilities of the two countries.


     Both countries will consolidate their relationship in the field of defence by increasing the range, level and frequency of their military joint operations and cooperation. In this regard, it was agreed to deepen their joint programmes and prospects in defence industry, conduct joint research and facilitate transfer of technology in this vital areas.


     Both Sides welcomed the signing of the Agreement for the Protection of Classified Information and Security and decided to initiate detailed discussion on the Status of Forces Agreement.


     India and France agreed to maintain the momentum of cooperation in the space sector. On bilateral trade, the two sides pledged to work towards achieving an ambitious target of reaching 12 billion euro bilateral trade by 2012 and significantly stepping up investments.


     President Sarkozy extended an invitation to the Prime Minister of India to pay an official visit to France in 2008 on the occasion of EU-India summit. The Prime Minister accepted the invitation in principle.


     France also supported Indias inclusion as a permanent member of Security Council. Sarkozy also conveyed to the Indian side his conviction that the G-8 needed to be expanded over time to G-13, including India.


     On the issue of terrorism, the two sides resolved to strengthen their cooperation against international terrorism by increasing operational contacts.





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