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VEDANTA MASS MEDIAGood samaritan Indian hits jackpot in Dubai



               Good samaritan Indian hits jackpot in Dubai


               Indo-Asian News Service



     Dubai, June 8 (IANS) Ever thought of buying a lottery ticket with the sole dream of helping somebody else? An Indian in Dubai did just that and managed to win a 1 million-dirham (Rs.11.6 million) jackpot.

Mustafa Beeroli, 53, hailing from Kerala, wanted to help 35-year-old Naushad, a fellow Keralite, who was struggling at work due to poor health.


     Even as Beeroli sought ways to fund Naushad's treatment, he came across a billboard advertising a Postcard Millionaire raffle.


     He then immediately bought a postcard pack and the next thing he knew he had won a million dirhams.

"I was sad at his (Naushad's) plight and promised to help him out with the help of some friends,Ф Beeroli told the Gulf News.


     УA couple of days later on my way to work I came across a large billboard that featured an advertisement on Postcard Millionaire. I decided to get a pack and hoped that I would win. This was the fastest manner in which I could help out Naushad.Ф


     Three days after getting the pack May 28, he got a call and came to know that he had won a million dirhams.


     УI did not waste a single moment and telephoned Naushad asking him not to worry and that I have enough money to pay off his entire debt of Indian rupees 63,000 (5,433 dirhams),Ф he said.

Beeroli had come to know of Naushad's plight from one of his colleagues. He then met Naushad through his colleague, Nissar.


     "There was a considerable swelling on his (Naushad's) left thigh,Ф Beeroli told the newspaper.


     УDuring the course of our conversation, I learnt that Naushad is from my hometown Kunjipalli in the south Indian state of Kerala and he penned religious songs. I learnt that his father, who was a fisherman, had died of cancer without getting treatment as they were unable to afford it.Ф


     Naushad, who walked around with a limp on his left leg, eked out a living as a part-time labourer and painter.


     УHe came to the UAE (United Arab Emirates) with the help of his brother and worked in a hotel as a waiter but after a few months he developed a vein problem on his thigh,Ф Beeroli said.


     УThe treatment here turned out to be costly and so his elder brother decided to send him back to Kerala and get Naushad some medical attention.Ф


     Naushad did go back to Kerala for his treatment but had to take a bank loan to pay his hospital bills.

To repay the loan, he again decided to come back to Dubai and resumed his job at the hotel. But he continued to suffer because of the long working hours and affected thigh.


     That was when Beeroli entered his life.


     Now, Naushad has requested Beeroli to buy him a new pen so he could continue writing religious songs.

Beeroli, who is attached to two Kerala-based social organizations - the Kunjipalli Islamic Cultural Centre and the Azhiyoor Welfare Association - wants to spend the rest of his winnings on charitable causes.


     "I shall utilize the remaining money to sort (out) some personal needs. But I have planned majority of it for various charitable causes,Ф he said.



     Indo-Asian News Service



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