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VEDANTA MASS MEDIAReady to go under the knife for that perfect look  






Ready to go under the knife for that perfect look


      By Shilpa Raina

     New Delhi, Nov 23 (IANS) With the constant pressure to look good, people are knocking at the doors of cosmetic or plastic surgeons for an image makeover, but it is the wedding season that witnesses the maximum influx of people prepared to go under the knife just to acquire that perfect look.


     "We see the bulk of people approaching us three to four months prior to their weddings as cosmetic surgery is no longer the domain of females, even grooms-to-be are making an effort to look good for their weddings," said Anup Dhir, a senior consultant at the department of cosmetic surgery, Indraprastha Apollo hospital.


     "After all, it is a once in a lifetime affair and everyone from the family including the bride and groom, wants to look perfect," Dhar told IANS.


     According to Dhir, the most popular treatments for matrimonial reasons are rhinoplasty (nose job), scar removal, breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction and lip augmentation.


     The processes can easily cost anywhere between Rs.40,000 and a few hundred thousands.


     "People have unrealistic expectations from their bodies and their perception of deformity is completely different from what we perceive; so we have to make them understand whether they seriously need to go under the knife," he explained.


     "There is nothing wrong in cosmetic surgery if it is for essential reasons and not for frivolous reasons," he added.


     Elaborating on the unrealistic expectations, Dhir explained that people are obsessed with one part of body and they sometimes imagine deformities that do not exist at all and have to be convinced they do not need to undergo surgery.


     "Clients come to us for mole removal or nose job even if they do not necessarily need it, but they still want to get a perfect face or body," Dhir explained.


     Rashmi Taneja, a consultant at the Artemis Health Institute, agreed with Dhir and felt that small deformities like scars should be removed just to improve an individual's appearance.


     "There are times when young girls come to me for removal of a prominent birth mark, a scar, or for breast enhancement as by doing so, their prospects of finding a good match improve," she said.


     "If small things like this can please your husband and in-laws and improve your confidence then there is nothing wrong in it," she added.


     It is not only grooms or brides who opt for such surgeries; even other members of the family drop in for quick fixes to gear up for the D-day.


     "A wedding involves a lot of people and every age group wants to look good. We have a solution for everyone. Treatments like botox are meant for people who want to get rid of their wrinkles," Taneja explained.


     Even though a beautiful wife and a handsome husband do not guarantee a successful marriage, people want to go with the tide that demands that one looks attractive.


     "A marriage can be sustained only on the basis of compatibility and understanding. The rest is superficial but the mindset of society is such that physical appearance comes above everything," contended Samir Parikh, chief of the mental health and behavioural science department at Max Healthcare.


     "To look good and presentable has become a pre-requisite and people are falling into this trap, as objectively it is not necessary to look good as you are marrying an individual and not a plastic doll," Parikh told IANS.


     There was a time when this trend was restricted to the rich, but now even middle-class people are approaching these clinics.


     "This is a trend which has been increasing slowly with the rise in awareness levels about cosmetic procedures and their affordability. After all, this process gives you permanent results," Dhir maintained.


     The surgeries do come with some risk factors like infection and nerve injuries but Dhir says that nothing in this world comes without risk.


     "Nothing in this world comes without taking risks. There is always a 2-4 percent risk factor in every surgery, but it is worth taking this," Dhir said




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